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Kane County

Kane County is named after US Col. Thomas Leiper Kane (January 27, 1822 – December 26, 1883) who encouraged the formation of the Mormon Battalion and helped negotiate a truce between the US Government and Brigham Young during the "Utah War." Kane received a brevet promotion to major general for gallantry at the Battle of Gettysburg.

Kane County covers 4,109 miles in South Central Utah and has a 2010 population of 7,125. Like Garfield County to the North, Kane County covers a large swath of land from East to West in an area where the mountains run from North to South.

Running East to West, the County includes the Western Shore of Lake Powell which fills the Colorado River Gorge in the Glen Canyon Recreation Area. The Grand Staircase National Monument occupies the highlands of the area along with the Paria Hackberry Wilderness Study area.

The main population centers, including county seat Kanab are found on US89 which runs through the Kanab Creek Valley. The Western side of Kane County rises into Zion National Park.


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